Terren P.

One morning these 3 women came into work, a blonde, a brunette, and a red head. The brunette was talking about how much fun she'd been having since her husband was out of town. She told them about her plumber, who she'd been sleeping w/ for about a week, and about how great he was in bed. The red head begged the brunette for the number of her plumber, since her husband was always gone. The red head gave her the number and the next day when the 3 came back to work the red head was talking about how great it was w/ the plumber. They were both wondering why the blonde had been so quiet since they had brought up the topic, so they asked her. She immediatly broke down crying. Red head- "What's the matter honey?" Brunette- "Yeah, what's wrong? The husband not treating you right either?" Then, out of nowhere, the blonde pulls out a gun and kills both of the other two. When the cops arrive at the scene they ask her why she did it. After long consideration of the question she blurts out "I know my husbands a whoremonger but they didn't have to keep on and on about it," and she then went on explaining what the women had been talking about the past couple days. The cop asked how she knew they were talking about her husband. The blonde replied, "They said he was great in bed! Just how many plumbers do you know that are great in bed?!" Cop- "What'd you say your husband's name was again? It's not George is it? I know a gay plumber named George that's great in bed...ummm...well that's what I've heard anyway..." The blonde shot the cop. I can't remember the punchline but your mom's a whore. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

funniness: 2.00