Lexa F.

These are actual quotes from some of my schoolmates: "No duh. Of course shut up is a swear word." "That's all you can say? You butthole." (while the teacher was in the room) "What's the F-word again?" "These are the swear words I know. Ummmmm... give me a minute here......" "Well, here are the ones that I know, in alphabetical order. Ass, bitch, crap, damn, fuck, giggle..." (note that our teacher was in the room for this one too. What's funnier is that he said, "actually, the g-word is glubflab. it's a word for a twot." For those who don't know, a twot is a woman's genital area. Also, glubflab isn't the g-word. There aren't any.) Hope you laughed!!!

funniness: 1.40

rating: R