Angela D.

On old McD's farm it had been raining quite a bit lately. It had rained so much that the horse had managed to get himself stuck in a mud hole. The horse yelled and yelled for help but the only one that heard him was a little old chicken. The horse explained to the chicken how he had gotten stuck in the mud and couldn't get out. Well, the little chicken ran to get help, but no one was around. She ran to get the tractor to pull the horse out, but it was locked away in the shed. So, on her way back to the horse she spied a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and jumped on it. She drove the the big Hogg over to the horse threw him a rope and towed him to safety. The horse was so greatful he told her he would do anything for her. It just so happened that a few days later the chicken got herself stuck in the mud hole. She hollered and hollered for help and the horse came running. She explained her delimma and begged him to help her out of the mud hole. Without a second thought the horse whipped out his dick and threw it to the chicken and towed her out of the mud. The morale of the tale: You don't need a big Harley to get chicks, you just need to be hung like a horse.

funniness: 6.09

rating: PG