Brent B.

There once was three men who all had some kind of genetial problem. One had a wooden dick, the other had a metal dick, and the last had a mile long dick. The guy with the wooden dick went into the hospital and complained "every time I screwed my girl she would get splinters.". and all he wanted was a normal dick, so the doctor fixed his problem. The guy with the metal dick came to the same doctor and said "everytime I screw my girl, she gets cold". so the doctor fixed his problem giving him a normal dick. The guy with the mile long dick walked into the hospital and before he could say anything the doctor said, "let me guess...there's something wrong with your dick and you want to get a normal one." "Hell no!" said the man with the mile long dick, " i just want to show you something". Confused the doctor asked what it was that he would like to show him. "you see that girl over there?" asked the man with the mile long dick. the doctor nodded. all of a sudden the man thrust foward and gave a "humph"...."ha!" he yelled. "i got her!".

funniness: 3.43

rating: R