cody h.

one day there was these three people one guy wanted to walk the desert one wanted to climb a mountian and the girl had to watch her dads cow beacuse he was ill so the guy who was wlking the desert asked all of his friends if any wanted to go with him and they all so no so he says oh well and goes to a pet store and asks the clerk what would be the perfect pet to walk the desetr with and he goes back and gets a tucan and says its 50$ 3days and what ever you do do not cuse around the bird. so he is on his journy and gets half way through the desert and says shit its hot out here and the bird remembers it. after he is done he take sthe bird back. so the guy who is going to climb a mountian asks his friends they say no he goes to pet store 50$ dont cuse gets the bird. so he gets to the top of the mountian and a hawk comes by and he ducks then he says shit i wouldnt have duckes i would have been fucked and the bird remembers it. so he takes it back the girl who is watching her dads cow thought she might need so company so she decided to go to the pet store same thinig 50$ no cuse and she gets the bird so she is sitting watching the cow and it just falls over(lol) so she starts kicking it and says kick the bitch and see if shes dead kick the bitch and see if shes dead and the bird remembers it. she takes it back it just so happens there is a prests meeting that day and its tropical and outside and the head prest wanted to make it more real so he goes to the pet store 50$ 3days and the clerk says i pretty sure you wont cuse so no worries. well the meeting starts and out of no where the bird says shit its hot out here the prest stands up and says what and throws a bible at the bird the bird ducks and says shit if i would have ducked i would have been fucked. and the bible hits the prests wife in the head and she drops then the bird says kick the bitch and see if shes dead kick the bitch and see if shes dead

funniness: 2.82

rating: R