sherri h.

two men drove to a gas station because they heard that a contest is being offered to customers who pay for a full tank of gas. when they went in to pay they asked the clerk about the contest and he said "if you win you get free sex "how do we enter?" asked one of the men the clerk replied " well, i am thinking of a number between 1 and 10 and if you guess it right you can get free sex" "ok i guess 5" said the man "nope sorry i was thinking of 6" replied the clerk " but if you come back next week you can try again" so the two men went home then came back again the next week "were back again" said the first man" "and this time i guess.....3" "nope sorry i was thinking of 4", said the clerk so the second man turned to the first man and said "you know, i'm starting to think this competition is riggid" "na" said the first man "my wife won 3 times last week"!!!

funniness: 3.67

rating: PG