Heather P.

A man called Paul walked into a bar one evening, and sat down next to a stranger. After about 15 minutes, The stranger slid off the bar stool and onto the floor. Paul helped him back up. Over the next two hours, the stranger slid off the stool 8 more times. Each time Paul helped him back up. Finally, Paul decided that the man had had too much to drink, and offered to give him a ride home. The man agreed, and gave him directions. Paul drove him there, and helped him out of the car. The man fell down 6 times on the way up the driveway, even though Paul was helping him. The man's wife was standing at the door, and Paul said, "I met your husband at the bar. He's very drunk, so I drove him home." "That's fine," the wife replied, "But where's his wheelchair?"

funniness: 5.25

rating: PG