Henry G.

James has a 25 inch dick, and thinks it is way to long. James goes to the doctor. 'How can i shrink my dick?' asks James. 'Go into the magical forest,' says the doctor. 'And go find the big frog. Ask him to marry you, he will say no and your dick will shrink 5 inches.' 'Great' says James. The next day James goes to the magical forest and finds the big frog. James says, 'Will you marry me?' The big frog says, 'NO!' James realises that his dick is now 20 inches long, he thinks 10 inches would be a good lenght. So James says, 'Will you marry me?' Starting to get annoyed, the big frog says, 'NO!' James dick is now 15 inches so he says to the big frog, 'Will you marry me?' The big frog, now really pissed off, shouts, 'How many times do i have to tell you, NO! NO! NO!'

funniness: 6.17

rating: R