Shyamala R.

I recently bought a bike in India and went to a shop that sells helmets, as I needed a helmet. Now there are lots of manufacturers of helmets and the prices of the things range from the ridiculously cheap to the fairly expensive. The quality and durability, of course, are directly proportional to the price! The salesman in the shop began showing me the really expensive ones, but since I was looking for a fair balance between price and quality, I asked to see other brands. The salesman sent his assistant to get a particular helmet which was on a high shelf. The assistant climbed up on a ladder and as he removed the helmet, he lost his grip on it and it fell with a crash to the ground. What the annoyed salesman said to him decided my choice: "You damned idiot, be careful with the helmet! If you drop it like that and it breaks, YOU pay for it!!"

funniness: 5.09

rating: G