blue f.

One day 3 men were flying in a n airplane over a counrty they all hated, they wanted to do something so the first one said,"this is what I think of this country," and he drops a sword out the window and waits. Then the second one says ," this is what I also think of this place," and drops a sword and waits. Then the third one says," Swords don't do anything," and he drops a bomb and waits. 45 mintues later the plane has to land to weather dificulties,so the 3 look around to see what happened to the things they droped they found a man crying because his cat was killed from a sword droped from the sky and they ran away laughing,they found a man crying beacuse his dog was killed by a sword dropped from the sky, they ran away laughing,later they ound another man luaghing SUPER HARD! and they asked why, he said,"I FARTED AND THE BUILDING BEHIND ME EXPLODED !"

funniness: 5.89

rating: PG