Jazmine G.

There once was a alien and he wanted to learn english so he went to planet earth...he landed his space ship behind an opera house and heard a opera singer say "mememememe" so he walked down the street and went into a restraunt and heard somebody say "forks and Knives" he walked into a candy store and saw a baby at the cash register while the cashier took the lolly pop to ring it up the baby said "he stole my lolly pop" then there was a murder down the rode and the police asked the alien..."do u no who killed this man?" the alien replied "mememememe" then the police asked..."well wutda kill him with?" the alien very proud of him self for haveing his first english converstation said "forks and knives" then the police very proud of himself for figureing out the murder mystery so easliy said well why did you kill him?" then the alien said "he stole my lolly pop!!"

funniness: 3.85

rating: PG