Joey S.

Two men were out on a golfing trip one day, and after about six holes the saw a man playing by himself. Being the kind men they were, they asked to join him. Somewhere around the 12th hole they started talking about the line of work they were into. The first man explained he was a car salesman, the second man said he was a plastic surgeon. While driving to retreive their golf balls, the third man explained he was a hitman. The salesman said "Whoa! can we see your gun?". "Of course", said the hitman, pulling out his 50. caliber rifle. "How much do you charge?",asked the surgeon. "$1000 every time I pull the trigger". The surgeon said" I think my wife has been cheating on me, can you see my house from here?" lining up the rifle he says "Yeah, shes fuckin' someone now". "I'll take to hits, one in her mouth so she'll finally shut up, and one in that guys balls for fucking her". After about 10 minutes go by, the surgeon is getting a little pissed off, "What the hell is taking you so long!?" Looking up from his scope, the hitman says "Chill out man, I'm about to save you 1000 bucks here!"

funniness: 5.90

rating: PG