Seymour B.

Two students, an engineering major from Purdue and a lawyer from IU, are driving through the country. Being young, foolish college students, they are doing about 90. The crash head-on into each other, but (thanks to state-of-the-art safety equipment) they both survive. They realize this and decide that it must be a sign from God that they should over come petty differences and be friends. They then check to see if anything else is undamaged. Lo and behold, there is a completely undammaged bottle of Jack Daniels in the trunk of the Purdue Boilmaker. He offers a drink to the IU Hoosier (in the spirit of friendship), who readily excepts. He drinks most of it in one go and offers some to the Boiler. The Boiler takes it, screws the cap back on and sets the bottle on the ground. The Hoosier gives him a funny look and asks him why he did that. The Boiler looks back at him and says: "Oh, I'm just gonna wait for the cops to show up."

funniness: 3.00

rating: PG