John N.

On their Honeymoon night the Italian Newlyweds had no idea what to do so the groom calls his Momma. "Hey Momma please a tell me what to do ah!" His Momma tells him, "Sonny take your new Bride and sit on the bed, believe me something WILL come up." A few minutes later the groom calls his Momma and tells her, "Momma nothing is a happening. Momma says, "Sonny, both of you take off your clothes and climb under the bed sheets and believe me things will GROW." Again the groom calls her as Momma got angry this time telling him, "Hey Sonny look, take the biggest thing you have and stick it into the hairiest thing she's got OK?" and she hangs up on him. The groom calls back and this time he tells his Momma, "Hey Momma I stuck my nose in her armpit, now what do I do?"

funniness: 6.52

rating: R