Adora J.

Jack n Jill went up da hill ta play a lil game, so jack unzipped and pulled down his pants, n jill just did the same. But dumb ass jack for got to wrap his itty bitty member, n poor ol jill forgot the pill and out came baby bill. Soon jack left jill and bill to find hiself a hoe. So later on that night he found a hoe named little Bo. She was ten, and he was twenty, then came the new "KELLY". But what he didnt kno whas she was humpty dumptys dumby. So humpty dumpty jumped off da wall and caught them in the act. He slapped da bitch across da face and spreyed jack wit some mace. He pulled her hair n pulled out a glock, n poor ol jack was in total shock,. Humpty dumpty blew out his brains, chopped her head off, den went back to da wall and acted all da same.

funniness: 2.33

rating: R