johnny h.

there was a man. and he wanted to go to work and he took a short cut and in the middle of the short cut his car broke down. but a few seconds later a farmer found him and sayed: you look trustworthey. you can sleep with us tonight. so the man agreed. so the farmer sayed:the only bed what you can sleep in is my daughters bed. so the man sayed: m m m m m? ok!!. so the farmer sayed: if you do any funny bisnuse ill shoot you with my shot gun. so the man agreed. so they went to bed. z z z z z z z!! but in the middle of the night they woke up and the daughter wanted to do it. so they done it. and then they went back to bed. then in the morning the man saw all off the eggs cracked and glued them all back together. BUT there was nuthing inside of them. then the farmer saw the eggs in perfict shape. so the farmer sayed: you are a good man toy can have breakey with us. so the man sayes: OK. the farmer sayed: we are going to have eggs for breakey. so the man sayed:ok the farmer craked the 1st egg there was nothing in it. craked the 2nd egg there was nothing in it and craked the 3rd egg there was nothing in it. so the farmer got out his shot gun and goes out side and sayes: WHICH ONE OF YOU ROOSTERS HAVE BEEN WERING CONOMS.

funniness: 1.43

rating: PG