Jill v.

Three married couples want to join the Catholic church. In talking with the Priest, they are told they have to stay sex-free for a month. If that task is completed, they can join. The Priest sets a day for them to come back to talk further about the issue. A month later, all three couples show up at the church. One by one, the Priest calls them up. The first couple steps up. "So, I know it was hard," he says,"but how did you do?" The first couple says, "well the first week was fine, the second was hard, the third was harder and the fourth was unbearable, but we obstained from sex, Father." The Priest tells them congratulations, they are welcome to join the church. The second couple comes up and the same question is asked to them. They reply, "the first week was hard, the second was even harder and the third was unbearable to the point we didn't think we'd make it through the fourth, but we obstained." The Priest tells them they are welcome into the church. The Priest calls the fourth couple up. "Well," they say, "the first day was hard, the second day was harder, and the third was so unbearable that on the fourth my wife opened up the fridge to get out some dinner and I lifted her skirt and gave it to her right there." The Priest looks dissapointed and says, "Im sorry, you aren't welcome into the Catholic church." The couple laughs and says," THE CATHOLIC CHURCH?!!! We aren't welcome in the GROCERY STORE!"

funniness: 4.86

rating: R