Belen C.

There is this guy that is walking and cant find a place were there is a restroom. So the guy keeps walking and finds a bar and says to the bartender, "Can I use you restroom?" and the bartender says, "The guy's restroom is underconstruction but you a use the woman's restroom but what ever you do don't press the E.T.R. Button." So the guy agrees and go to the restroom thinkg "what is an E.T.R. Button?" So he gets there and does his business and is looking for the handle to flush but he can't find it. Finally he found a button and it says the "E.T.R. Button" and he says "Hey what can happen?". So yhe presses it and an hour later he wakes up in the hospital and the bartender says "Hey I told you not to press the "E.T.R. Button!" and the guy says "Well you never told me it was an Electric Tampon Remover!!"

funniness: 4.00

rating: R