Kristina B.

One day this woman came home and saw that her husband's car was in the drive way when he should have been at work. So she goes into the house and see's clothes leading up the stairs and into their bedroom. Being cautious as not to make any noise. Then when she got to her room she heard moans coming from the bed and saw that the door was cracked so she opened it all the way. She saw that the husband was in bed with another woman. The husband looks back at the wife and said, "Honey this isn't what it looks like." So the wife is totally pissed off, and so she goes over to the bed and grabs her husband and takes him to the garage. Then she grabs his penis and secures it tightly in some type of holder. Then she goes back into the house and comes back with a butcher's knife. The husband looked at her and said, "You're not going to cut it off are you?" The wife looked at him and said,"No I'm not going to cut if off. You are!" Then she found a bottle off gasoline and some matches and set the garage on fire and walked off laughing.

funniness: 5.38

rating: R