levi v.

One day Jonny Jump's dad wanted him to go to the store and get him the new FLEX PILLS that just came out. Jonny said ok and started walking. On his way to the store being Jonny Jump he got jumped and forgot what to ask for. So he told the store clerk that his dad nedded some sex pills. The store clerk told Jonny to tell his dad to take 1 every 24 hours. Being Jonny Jump on his way back home he got jumped and forgot what to say. When he got home he told his dad to take 24 every hour. The next day Jonny went back to the store and told the clerk "I want my money back. My mom is dead, my sister is pregnant, my dogs butt is red, and my dad is sitting on the couch talking to the cat saying here pussy pussy pussy.

funniness: 6.20

rating: R