blake s.

A man walks into a bar carrying a small pig, which he puts on the stool next to his."A martini for me, and a scotch-and-soda for percy, please." The bartender notices that the little porker has a wooden hind leg. "What's with the pig? I mean, I've been tending bar for 27 years, and no one ever brought a pig in for a drink. "You don't understand," the man says. "This pig is very special to me. He's oart of the family. He even saved my life. "Really? how so?" "One night we had a fire in the farmhouse and the pig can in and nibbled on my toes to wake me up. If he hadn't done that, i would've died." "What an amazing story! And how did he get the wooden leg? Was he injured in the fire?" "No. When a pig is this special, you can't eat him all at once."

funniness: 5.23

rating: PG