Andy G.

One day an old ladies washer breaks, so she calls a handyman to come fix it. However, the only time he is available is whilst she is out. So she tells him to go anyway and she'll leave a key under the doormat. And then she just remembers to tell him, 'Don't worry about the bull-terrier he wont attack if you leave him alone, oh and whatever you do don't talk to the parrot!' Slightly perplexed by this he goes to the old ladies house and does as she says. Just as she promised, the bull-terrier sat in the corner undisturbed. He inspects the washer and begins to fix it. Unfortunately for him, as time goes by the parrot begins to get mouthy and insults the handyman. This continues for the next hour and a half, and after a while he can't take it anymore.' 'Right that's it you stupid parrot! Just shut the hell up before I throw you in the bin, you god damn bastard!' The parrot turns to the dog and says, 'Get him Spike!'

funniness: 5.00

rating: PG