katie t.

a little boy was sitting outside of his parents room one night, listioning to them fighting. the next day, the boy sees his parents fighting again...*not again!!* the boy thinks and he goes outside. hes talking to his friend moe about his parents. "they keep fighting!" he shouts to his friend in disbelief. "all never get a baby sister this way" moe thinks about this for a second and says "i recken i have a way you can get your sister and get some money" moe says. "how?" the little boy says. " "well, just say to your father that you dont think hes gonna see a cat tonight" the little boy says "i think all try that." so the little boy goes inside and sees his parents fighting again. his mom walks away and he sees his chance. "daddy," he says "if you and momma keep fighting,i wont get a baby sister" his dad looks at him and says "now..." the little boy says "i bet you $50 that your not gonna see a cat tonight, and $100 your not gonna have another kid." his dad looks at him and says "well i owe you $100 dolllors son, but.." and he opens his robe...showing a female body part and says "but i reckon you owe me $50 because son...i just saw a cat"

funniness: 2.88

rating: R