Jose O.

3 men, an alcholic, a smoker, and an old man, died and suddenly found themselves in the gates of Hell. Out of a cloud of thick red smoke came a figure so disgusting they all instantly knew it was the Devil. He came toward them and said in a deep voice, "As you may have guessed, this is Hell. Now, you will need to choose a room in which to spend 500 years, after which you will be able to choose another". The men nodded in agreement, thinking that this was too good to be hell. "So," he asked the alcoholic, "What should the content of you room be?". The alcoholic thought for a second and replied, "I would like a room full of an infinite supply of Beer!". The Devil agreed and locked him in his room with an unlimited supply of beer. "And you?" he motioned toward the old man. "Well," he said, "I haven't had any in long time, so lock me in with countless beautiful women who will never age and will love me!". The Devil agreed to his request and locked him away in a room full of immortal pretty women. "Finally, you?" he asked the smoker. "I would love to just be in a room with an unlimited number of tobbacco and cigarettes!". Once again the Devil agreed and locked him away in a room full of Cigars and Tobacco. 500 Years passed and the Devil came upon the first room, where he saw the alcoholic on the floor, obviously drunk off his ass, crying about how he missed the rain. When he came upon the second room, he saw children everywhere, clearly a sign the old man had enjoyed his stay. At the last room, however, he was surprised to see the smoker was just sitting there, apparently sad for some reason. "What happened?" asked the Devil. The smoker looked up at him and smiled frome ear to ear, apparently very glad to see him. "GOT A LIGHT!?"

funniness: 7.76

rating: PG