rachel d.

There were 3 men building a 20 story building one day the mexican man said "if if i have fajitas again im gonna jump off the top off this building". Next a redhead said "if i have a ham sandwich again im gonna jump off the top off the building too". Then a blonde man said "if i have tuna sandwiches again im gonna jump off too" The next day the mexican man sees he has fajitas an jumps off. Then the redhead sees he has a ham sanwich and jumps off too. Then the blonde man sees he has tuna sandwiches and jumps off like the other two. At thier funeral the mexicans wife said "if only id given him something else he would still be alive today". Then the redheads wife ses "if only i had given him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead then hed still be alive today".Then everyone turns to look at the blonde mans wife and she ses "dont look at me he makes his own sandwiches!".

funniness: 6.13

rating: PG