Emily D.

One day a man really hoped to have a Chinese girlfriend. He had a friend that was Chinese, so the friend took him to China to find the perfect woman. There were plenty of women that were very beautiful. Of course he did not know the Chinese language so his friend was the translator. He saw a woman and decided to meet her. He asked to take her on a date that night and she said yes. They went and had a romantic dinner (of course with the translator). Afterwards they found the nearest hotel and decided to get a room. After they paid, the man said to the translator, "Thanks, we can take it from here." and the man left. While they were busy "doing it" the lady kept saying "Sheola, Sheola!" He thought that ment "yes" so he kept going. The next day he went golfing with the translator. The man got a hole in one. He was jumping up and down, saying, "Sheola! Sheola!" The translator said, "What do you mean wrong hole?"

funniness: 6.00

rating: R