katie t.

a teacher is in her class when the bell rings 10 minetes later a boy walks in with his shirt off,sweating. she teacher asks "why are you late?" he responds "i was on top off blueberry hill" she says "ok, take your seat." 30 minetes later another boy also with his shirt off but more sweaty and dirty walked in panting. the teacher asks him "why are you late?" he responds "i was on top of blueberry hill" she says "ok,take your seat" an hour later another boy walks in. with his shirt off, he was red in the face, sweating like crazy, dirty as ever, shorts ripped, chest scratched, and panting for air. the teacher asked "why are you late?" he responds "i...was..ontop...of...blueberry...hill" she says "ok, take your seat" 5 minetes later a pretty girl walks in, sweating but grinning as ever. the teacher says "let me guess, you were on top of blueberry hill? she responds grinning "no" "i AM blueberry hill!"

funniness: 3.83

rating: R