Jasen R.

If there's a gay guy in your house do you... A. Stay At Home B. Go To Work ~If you pick either your gay! -------------------------------------------------- You tell your boss you want some comfort while you work and she says... Shove this up your ass and you'll fell much better -------------------------------------------- It's Thanksgiving and you want pie, the stores are out so you decide to make your own... You Wife says when she tries it,"It Tates Like Poop" ~Cause it is poop!!! -------------------------------------------------------- You have misplaced the channel changer you spend 5 hours looking for it and you blonde wife comes in and says: "GOD DAMMIT HONEY THERES BUTTONS ON THE TV TO PUSH" -------------------------------------------------------- You feel bummed you've had a hard year but you can wait till next year so when new years eve come you get into bed and know...............Sorry God, I'm gunna have to screw this one up too!!!

funniness: 3.57

rating: PG