Lin Z.

An old Arabian man who lives in central USA wants to dig around the earth so he can plant tomatoes. However, he is too old to do so, so he e-mails his son, who studies in Paris. Dear Son, Ah, I wanted to plant Tomatoes in my garden today, but I am too old and weak to dig around the ground. If only you were here, I would be certain you would help me. Allah be with you, Your father. A few hours later, he gets an e-mail back: Dear father, Please do not dig around the ground in the garden. It's where I hid...The THING!". Allah be with you, Your dearest son. Only 15 minutes after the man had recieved his e-mail, the cops, the FBI and the CIA came knocking at his door and started to dig around his garden. When they didn't find anything, they left disappointed. One hour later, the father recieves another mail: Dear father, I would assume your garden has been dug around by now. It was my honor to help you. Allah be with you, Your dearest son.

funniness: 8.61

rating: G