T L.

There was a business man who owned a big company, and he knew when he retired he had to leave the company to one of his sons. He said to them " I am going to give each of you a duck and whoever can make the most money in the shortest time with this duck gets the company" The first son went out on the corner with a sign saying DUCK FOR SALE and in about 20 minutes a man came up and said "I'll give you 5 dollars for your duck" The son thought that was a fair price and gladly accepted and went back inside. The second son didn't have that much luck, he walked around for about 2 hours with this duck not knowing what to do. He saw a prostitute who said " Hey I'll sleep with you for that duck." The son gladly accepted and gave her the duck. A few hours later the prostitute said to the son " You know what i don't want this duck, If you sleep with me again you can have your duck back." Once again the son smiled and accepted. While he was walking back to his dads business with his head hung the duck flew out of his arms and the afternoon bus hit the duck. The driver got out apologizing and offered to boy $25 for hitting his duck. The son took the money and ran to his dads office. Inside the building the dad said "Well how did it go?" The first son said " I made $5 in 20 minutes." The Second son said " Well it took me a while but I got a fuck for a duck..a duck for a fuck..and 25 dollars for a fucked up duck.

funniness: 5.80

rating: R