sara l.

A little boy and a little girl were sitting in a sand box when the girl points at the boy and say's whats that. The boy say's I don't know. He go's home and ask's his dad what it is his dad say's that's your truck and it's aloud in any garage. So he go's back and tell's the girl. Then the boy point's at the girl and say's what's that. She say's I don't know. The girl go's home and ask's her mom what it is. The mom say's that that's your garage and no trucks aloud in it. SHe go's back and tell's the boy. Later on the girl comes home and she's all bloody her mom ask what happened the girl say's: That boy just tried to put his truck in my garage so I riped off the back tire's.

funniness: 5.13

rating: R