Lael L.

A guy named Fred went to play golf with two of his buddies. When they didn?t show up, he saw to other guys, Jack and Bill, and decided to golf with them, and they said yes. At the ninth hole, The guys started talking about their jobs. Fred is a director in an office, Jack is an electrician and Bill is a hitman. Then all of the sudden, Fred says, ??Hey, I can see my house from here!?? Bill says, Wow, Nice place. Then Bill took out his binoculars to get a closer look at Fred?s house up close. Then Bill says, ?Hey buddy, I think there is somthin goin on in your room. So Fred takes the binoculars and takes a look to see his wife in neighbor having fun. So Fred asks Bill how much he charges, Bill replies with, $1000 bucks a bullet. So Fred says, I?ll give you $2000 bucks to shoot my wife in the head and to blow my neighbor?s dick off. The hitman said, OK. And took out his sniper rifle and aimed. Bill chuckled and said, Hey buddy. I think there is a way I can save you $1000 bucks?..

funniness: 6.30

rating: R