blake s.

a guy walks into a bar. he askes a bartender, "if i show u something amazing will you give me a free beer?" The bartender thinks and says he the man proceeds and pulls a mouse and small piano from his shirt pocket.The mouse begins to play "great balls of fire". After the man finishes his free beer he askes the bartender, " if i top that will you give me free beers for the rest of the night?" The bartender thinking how he could top that he agrees. He gets the mouse , piano, and now a toad. The mouse plays great balls of fire but this time the frog sings it.bartender still amazed gives him free beers. A patron amuzed says, " hey ill buy that frog $100,000. But the man declians and says not for sale. so the patron offers $200,000. but still a no. So finnaly the man says, $500,000 and the man agrees. the bartender askes, " why did u sell him for a meer $500,000 when it could be worth millions to you." so the man replies, " hey who cares....the frog wasn't singing,the mouse is a ventrilaquist.

funniness: 6.38

rating: PG