Chelsey Jo L.

One day, after being left by his girlfriend, Al walked around a bar, talking to himself. After about an hour and a half, Al starts to talk to a guy who is clearly gay. "Another breakup?" said the gay guy, "You really aught to go gay, it's a whole lot easier." After leaving the bar, Al says to himself, "Gay dude has a point, I think I will go gay." Al walks to a small park and sees a middle-aged man lying on a park bench, knocked out drunk. Al thinks to himself, "I'm gay now, I wonder if i could screw this drunk without him knowin it." Al decides to get it on with this man, and after he's done, he leaves a small tip of ten dollars in the man's pocket. The man wakes up, finds the money and decides to go to get liquored up. Next day, Als' walking through the park, and sees the old man...again passed out, and decides to screw him again. After Al is done with his business, he once again leaves a tip of ten dollars in the man's pocket. Old man wakes up, finds ten more dollars in his pocket, and goes to the bar agian. Here it is Friday, and Al is once agian walking through the park. Al sees the old man and says to himself, "Okay, this is the last time I screw this guy." Al does what he has to do, and leaves the man a onehundred dollar tip. Old guy wakes up, (still having no idea he has been being screwed by a guy) finds the 100 dollars, and goes to the bar. The man walks in, sits down and orders so really good whisky. The bartender looks at the old guy and says, "Spendin' the big bucks today sir?" The man holds out the 100 dollar bill nad says, "Yeah, that cheap stuff was starting to make my ass hole burn."

funniness: 6.41

rating: R