Chelsey Jo L.

On the first day of 1st grade, the teacher walked around her large classroom, asking the names of her new students. She came across a little boy with an initial "B" on his backpack. She asked the little boy waht the "B" stood for and the little boy replied, "Butitches." The teacher asked a second time and the boy once again replied, "Butitches." "If you do not tell me waht your name really is, then i'm going to have to send you to the principal's office!". Said the teacher. And for the third time, the boy replied, "Butitches." Once the little boy reached the principal's office, the principal asked the liitle boy his name. "Butitches." said the little boy. The principal asked many more times, but still recieved the same answer. "If you do not tell me your real name, I'm gonna have to send you to the county jail!", said the principal. But yet agian, "Butitches." replied the boy. When the liitle boy walked into the jail, he was greeted by an officer who asked him waht his name was. "Butitches." replied the little boy. "If you don't tell me your name, and stop joking around, I'm going to throw you in jail and call your mother!", said the officer. "Butitches." said the little boy. After about forty-five minutes of being in the jail cell, the little boy's mother came to bail her son out of jail. When the mother walked into the jail, she wailed, "Oh, my poor Butitches!" The guard who was keeping watch on the little boy said with a look of disgust, "Well scratch it lady!"

funniness: 3.55

rating: PG