Chris G.

This is a true story. Ok, so, a few friends and I were walking home from school one late fall day when we saw a guy walking from his house down his driveway towards us. He said that he was helping his son move out, and he needed some help loading a big screen tv into his car, and he would pay us $20 to help out. Who could pass up fast cash like that? So we helped the guy, got our money, and were on our way. We later found out that the guy was actually robbing the place and he had been arrested, but the cops couldn't find the tv, so they needed eyewitnesses. My friends and I went down to the police station, talked to the detective, identified the robber, and then were told to wait for a little while so the detective could question the robber. About 15 minutes goes by when the detective finally comes back. The detective just looked at us and said "He wants his $20 back"

funniness: 3.82

rating: PG