Ferdinand V.

A man walked into a bar and saw a sign saying "free drinks for a week if you can complete three tasks. Enquire at the bar". So the man asked the bartender what are the three tasks. The Bartender Replied" THe three tasks are as follows. 1.Drink a whole pint of pure lemon juice without making a face. 2.Pull a Rotten Tooth out of a crocodile 3.There is a Male Prostitute upstairs, you need to give him an Orgasim." The Man repiled "OK" He completed the first task easily.Then it was the second task, but it took him FOREVER (like 5hrs) and then after he came back all scratched and bitten asked the bartender " where is the Male Prostitute with the rotten tooth"....

funniness: 4.33

rating: PG