Chandi P.

For his fist anniversary of becoming pope, and for being German by birth Porsche decides to gift him a car. So Porsche chooses the fastest and the most expensive car and gifts it to the Pope. When he hears about this he is chuffed. He has been missing the German autobahns and decides to take the car for a spin. Being the Pope, and not being allowed to go out alone, he is accompanied by two Cardinals on the drive. He gets in to the car starts it up and gets on to the freeway. On the freeway he begins to accelerate and starts doing 150 km/h dogging in and out of traffic. The cardinal sitting in the font seat gets worried. He asks "Holy father, shouldn't we slow down a bit?" The Pope replies "Don't worry my brother, Jesus is with us" The Pope continues to speed up. The Cardinal is now really scared and asks to be let out. The Pope pull over and the cardinal gets out on the side of the freeway. The Pope gets back on the freeway and speeds up again. Now outside Rome, he goes even faster. He is now doing 200 km/h. The other cardinal also begins to get worried. He says "Holy Farther, we are going really fast. We should slow down" The pope replies "Don't worry my brother, Jesus is with us" He continues to accelerate. Now he is doing 250 km/h. The second cardinal is now terrified and is white as a sheet. The pope take pity on him and pulls over to let him out. After he gets out, the Pope says "Don't worry, Jesus is with me" and pulls the car back on to the freeway and puts the pedal to the metal. Suddenly the Porsche is doing 300 km/h and then 350 km/h. He is about to break 400 km/h when the Pope feel a tap on his shoulder. A voice in the back of the car says "Excuse me my son can you please let me out .."

funniness: 5.88

rating: G