Drew R.

Three boys were braggin on their dads one day and arguing over who's was the fastest runner. The first boy said," my dad is so fast, he raced a racehorse the other day for a quarter mile, he beat the horse so badly he had finished and took off his runnig shoes before the horse crossed the finish line." The second boy said "my dads alot faster than that! He raced a sports car the other day and beat it so badlly he showered and was taking a nap before the car got to the finish line!!" The third boy said "thats nothing! My dad was walking down the creek bank the other day and saw a duck sitting on a log out in the water. He wanted to shoot the duck and eat it for supper, but he knew if he shot it it would sink before he could get it out of the water. Dad decided he would shoot the duck, run as fast as he could and grab it before it went under. He took aim, shot the duck and ran out to grab it. He was so fast that when he bent over to grab the duck that bullet hit him righ in the seat of his pants"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

funniness: 4.95

rating: PG