michalee w.

one day there was three men lost in the woods. after walking a hour they found a small cottage. the man who owned the cottage agreed to let them stay there till morning under one condition they didn't touch his beautifull daughter. so the owner of the cottage was going to the grocery store to get some food to cook for dinner so he put glitter on his daughters pussy so he would know if they touched her. when the cottage owner got back he lined the three men up. he told the first man to pull down his pants and he saw glitter on his penis so he killed him the second man also was told to pull down his pants and there was also glitter on his penis so he was killed the third man pulled down his pants and his penis was glitter free so he got the privilage of staying and marrying the cottoge owners daughter. immediatly after the third man went to go brush his teeth there was glitter in his mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

funniness: 2.56

rating: R