willie o.

Two guys robbed a bank and took a car. The car ran out of gas so they decided to run on foot with the money in their hands; with the police hot on their trail. They got a way from the cops. First burglar- man he can not make it trying to run I say we hide. Second Burglar- yea, yea, man I say we hide. You hide over there, and I will hide over here. Ok? First burglar- ok and when the cops run that way, we will run in the opposite direction. So they hid and waited. But when the cops did not see them they came back and started checking for the men. The first man was in some bushes the second was in a trashcan. One of the cops heard the second one cough. So they bought him out. They hand cuffed him and was taking him past the first man who was still in the bushes uncaught with the bag of money. The second man bent over in the bushes and said to the first man ?Damn they got us man?.

funniness: 2.80

rating: PG