Bruce W.

Two law partners were walking down the street one day and agreed that the first one to die would come back and help the other from beyond. As it turned out, the older of the two did in fact die a couple of weeks later and that left the younger lawyer all alone and very discouraged. He waited and waited and his partner never showed any signs of contacting him. Then, after about two months, a friend suggested he go visit a clairvoyant and maybe receive the help he needed. The younger lawyer summoned up as much courage as he could and found the address. After walking down a seemingly never ending set of steps and rapping the brass knocker a couple of times, the door opened and through a screen of dangling beads, he saw a little old lady sitting at a table with a crystal ball in front of her. "Can you help me please?" he said. "My partner just recently died and I would very much like to get in contact with him." To which the woman responded, "for 50 dollars you can talk to your partner, but he won't be able to talk to you. For 100 dollars, he will be able to talk to you, but not you to him. And for 200 dollars, you will both be able to talk to each other while I'm drinking a glass of water."

funniness: 3.66

rating: G