willie o.

One day an exceptional number of Black folk Died. As usual they all went to the pearl Gates to be judged and separated. Most of them had done some bad things in their life but about 45% of them made it in and the rest went to hell. So a week goes by and God sees Gabriel muttering and pouting. God- what?s wrong with you Gabriel- well it?s these dog-on black folk God- what wrong with them Gabriel- well first off one of the bastards took my horn, then some one decided to deep fry the seraphim?s and cherubim?s wings, and look around the streets of gold are disappearing because it is in their mouth?s. So that?s what wrong with me. God- well give me a chance to check on some things. God went to his office and called Satan. Satan- hello? God- yea how are things I was? Satan- Look God I got to call you back Satan- (hangs up abruptly) God calls back about an hour later Satan- hello? God- yea how are things I was? Satan- I am really sorry God let me call you back God waits another hour then calls back Satan- God? God- Yea satan I was calling? Satan- look I told you I need to call you back. everytime I pick up the phone these black people start throwing salt on my fire, ordering cable and trying to install air conditioning.

funniness: 3.35

rating: PG