Julio I.

A French guy comes on a immagration boat to the United States. He knows absolutely no English whatsoever. So as he walks down town, he spots a theatre. He decides to go in to watch some opera. Ya'know..to get the feel of some culture. He tried learning from everything that goes on around him. "MI MI MI MI MI!!", went part of the "singing". So the guy got it stuck in his head. Then was it is over he goes to a restaurant to test the American cuisines. There are a group of children running around. They constantly yell, "FORKS AND KNIVES! FORKS AND KNIVES!" Then he decides to watch some of the television at the restaurant. He sees a Scented Oil commercial. Ya'know..the one that says, "PLUG IT IN! PLUG IT IN!" All of a sudden, a cop comes in. He asks people what they know about a murder. An old woman was shot outside the restaurant's back alley. When the cop gets to the French guy, the conversation goes as followed: COP: Do you know who killed that woman? FRENCH: ME ME ME!! COP: Well sire, how did you do it? FRENCH: FORKS AND KNIVES! FORKS AND KNIVES! Cop: *stunned* You know this is a high degree of homicide. Im afraid the penalty for you, is death row. You will be sentenced to "the chair". What do you have to say for yourself, sir?! FRENCH: Hmmmmm..PLUG IT IN! PLUG IT IN!

funniness: 3.60

rating: PG