Justin C.

A farmer comes home on his son's birthday, and says son I didn't have the money to buy much for your birthday, but i was able to buy you a duck. The boy takes the duck and tells his father that he is going to walk the duck. he walks down the road and sees the neighbors daughter sunbathing naked. She flags him down and says I will give you a piece of my pussy for your duck, and after thinking about it the boy goes through with it and fucks the girl and gives her the duck. the boy and girl sit around talking when the boy gets quiet. the girl asks what's wrong and he tells her he misses his duck. she tells him that's allright if you fuck me again you can have the duck back. so he fucks her again and walks down the road with his duck. about that time, the duck flies out of his arms and into the grill of an oncoming pickup. The driver gets out of the truck, apologizes for killing the duck and gives the boy 5 dollars. The boy takes the money and runs home, where his dad asks him where he's been, where the ducks at, and where he got the money. He tells his dad that first he got a fuck for a duck, then he got a duck for a fuck, then he got 5 dollars for a fucked up duck

funniness: 5.55

rating: R