Rukiya K.

Once upon a time, there was a man and his two dogs, 2 pitbulls. The man had 3 very special young women that wanted to marry him. The first girl's name was Cassi, she was sooooooooo beautiful and rich. She wasnt very intelligent though. She was great in bed. The man's dogs loved to play with her, but she didn't feed them. The second woman she was decent looking. Her name was Brenda. She was very stern but was kind to the man. She was very smart and vey punctual. She was great in bedShe didn't really like the two dogs and refused to be around the man when he had the dogs around. The third woman was very ugly. Her name was Shiloma She was poor and very sick. She did although had a kind heart. She was great in bed though. The dogs barked everytime she came around because she was so ugly but she did feed them. The man had to make a choice. He thought well if I marry Cassi, she is sure to cheat on me. If I marry Brenda I could show her off to the folks, but she doesn't like my dogs. If I marry Shiloma, I don't think I could leave the house. He made his decision and rounded up the girls all together. He told the girls that he was going to marry Brenda. The two girls screamed, "great, we were only with you for sex now who are we going to do it with?" The man angered by their words, said calmly "well I have two dogs."

funniness: 3.50

rating: PG