Jolley W.

Three bulls are in the pasture complaining. They've heard a rumor that the farmer is bringing in a new bull, and they aren't happy about sharing any of their cows. The Alpha bull says, "You know, since we settled our differences and split up the cows, I've been pretty happy with MY 120 cows. I am not about to share any of MY cows with this new bull." The second toughest bull says, "Yeah, well I ended up with only 60 cows, so I can't afford to share any of MY cows." The youngest bull says, "I may only be half as big as you guys, but I'm still a teenager. I'm already climbing the walls with just 20 cows." Suddenly a huge, black tractor-trailer pulls into the yard. The entire trailer contains just one animal - the biggest, baddest bull you ever saw. He weighs 3,000 pounds and has horns four feet long. As the new bull strolls down the gangplank, the two-inch thick metal plates actually sag under his weight. Suddenly the former Alpha bull is a bit more flexible, "Well, maybe I could spare a FEW cows." The second toughest bull says, "Maybe if I hide in the corner of the pasture, he'll leave me alone." But the small, teenage bull is snorting, pawing the ground and shaking his fledgling horns in an extremely confrontational way. Worried about the reckless youngster, the two older bulls trot over to the young bull and say, "Listen, son. It's not worth dying for. Just give the new bull your 20 cows." "He can HAVE my 20 cows," replies the young bull, snorting and pawing the ground again. "I'm just making sure he knows I'm a BULL!"

funniness: 7.38

rating: PG