Gabe G.

Johnny turned 15 today and more then anything for his birthday he wanted to get laid. His Dad had told him that he was getting him something special. So Johnny ran downstairs opened up his present and recieved a duck. Rather bored he took his duck for a walk and went passing by a whore house and decided to go in. After looking around a nice young woman came down the stairs and escorted him to a room. Johnny quickly told the lady he just turned 15 and all he got was a duck and what he really wanted was to get laid. The young lady took pity and told him she would fuck him for his new pet duck. Johnny Agreed in a heartbeat. After Johnny had sex with the woman she told him he was so good that she would like him to fuck her again and she would give him the duck back. He then agreed in a heartbeat. After having sex he was walking his duck home and it gets hit by a taxi cab. The driver feeling sorry gave him a buck and drove off. When Johnny got home his mom screamed where have you been?!?!?! What have you been doing...??!?!? Johnny simply replied, "Let see, I got a fuck for a duck...a duck for a fuck...and a buck for a fucked up duck."

funniness: 7.31

rating: R