Gabe G.

Three good friends went to a strip club. There was a cop, a lawyer and a banker. The cop says watch this as he throws a 20 on the tip rail and the girl goes crazy molesting the cop with her breasts and the cop then licks the $20 and sticks it too her ass. The Lawyer seeing this happen reaches in his pocket and puts a $100 Bill on the tip rail. The girl goes crazier running her fingers in her underwear until she can't take it anymore and falls on stage. The Lawyer then licked the $100 bill and put it on her ass next to the $20. The Banker got really excited and reaches in his pocket only to find his credit card. So in a hurry he rips out his credit card slides it down the stripper's ass and takes the $120.

funniness: 6.93

rating: R