Stefan H.

You never have to use space while typing long sentences. Actors never type wrong. All screens show letters 1 inch high. All computers are linked to each other. You can access the bad guys computer even if it's turned off . Powerful computers peep whenever you press a key or when the screen changed. Some screens even change the speed that the text is printed on the screen to the speed you read it. People who write on the computer can easily turn it off without saving information. A hacker can break into the most advanced computer system by guessing the password in two tries. You can get passed "Permission denied" by choosing "override" (Demolition man). A computer starts up in 2 seconds. Downloads will be finished in less than 3 seconds. Modems works at a speed of 2 Gb/sec. If you are reading a file on the computer and someone else on the network erases it, then it will disappear from your screen. Computers can communicate with each other regardless of what kind of computer it is (Independence day). If you seek on Internet it doesn't matter what you seek for, it will always pop up what you are looking for (Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise searches for "file" and "computer" and gets 3 matches).

funniness: 7.39

rating: G